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  1. On the phone or Chromebook, when I access Evernote, I have set it up that I'm prompted for a PIN. On a PC, where I've previously used Evernote, it signs right in...meaning that anyone who uses that PC has access to my Evernote account. I'm hoping to find a way to secure the PC/browser version or at least particular notes. I think the idea of encrypting the text itself (which is what I meant to state) is a good idea. I will explore that. Bruce
  2. I would like to encrypt a note from within the Android version. Is there any workaround or upcoming offering that way? As background and justification: I only have Evernote on my Android phone and my Chromebook. When I need to access Evernote from a PC, I use a browser and I would rather know that there is more security on a given note as it's too easy to sign into Evernote from a web browser. Bruce
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