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  1. I am on the original SDK :
  2. Hi, I am using the function EvernoteNoteStore:findRealtedWithQuery to find related notes. This code used to work perfectly before but lately it returns an empty list. I am using Evernote SDK for iOS version 1.3.1. Is this a bug and will it be fixed? Thanks!
  3. Thanks Ciprian! The second solution works for me. I could not use the first one because of the issues you mentioned - everything was really small.
  4. I am using the evernote SDK on iOS. After getting a note, I am using the ENMLUtility function convertENMLToHTML:withResources:completionBlock: to convert the ENML note to HTML to display it. If I have attached images in a note or have a note that is an image, what I see is that the images in the note are not being scaled to fit the iPhone screen. Images are being returned in their original resolution in the returned HTML making the displayed note not very useful. Is this a known issue and if so, are there any plans to fix it? Thanks, Sapna
  5. Expired/Revoked token handling

    Thanks! Any idea when the next update to the iOS sdk will be?
  6. I am trying to make sure my IOS application handles Revoked/Expired Evernote tokens. I am doing what has been recommended: "You should check for expired auth tokens and trigger authentication again if the authentication token is expired or revoked by the user. You can check for expired using if(EvernoteSession isTokenExpiredWithError:error]) in the error block." Here is what I do: Through my application, I enable evernote functionality by calling authenticateWithViewController. Everything works fine. I then go ahead and revoke my application access via the Evernote web UI. The next time I make an API call (like listNotebooksWithSuccess), I get an error. The error when a token is revoked is not one that would be true in the call to isTokenExpiredWithError. The behavior I see following the error is unexpected too - the Evernote app is launched on my phone and the user is presented with UI to authorize my application. On authorizing my application, I see my application launched again but it goes back to the Evernote authentication page (it was launched with the evernote url of my application). Is this the expected behavior? Is there a way that I can suppress evernote displaying the authorization UI on finding an expired/revoked token at the point that I make the API call? I would rather that I get an error when I make an API call. The Evernote authorization of my app should be initiated in my app at a more suitable point in the flow of my application rather than directly on making a random API call. FYI, I am trying this on iOS6. Thanks!
  7. I saw the issue with iOS7 beta 4. I just tried with the iOS7 beta build 5 released today and it worked. Thanks!
  8. Authenticating evernote in my application on a device running iOS7 beta via the Evernote iOS sdk does not work. The authentication UI seems to hang. Exiting the app and restarting the app shows that the authentication was actually successful but control was never returned to my application. Is this a known issue? When can we expect a fix? Thanks!
  9. For personal notebooks (EDAMNotebook), I lookup restrictions (EDAMNotebookRestrictions) to check if I can create notes (the flag noCreateNotes). Is there something similar that I can lookup to see if I can create notes in a shared/business notebooks (EDAMLinkedNotebook). Thanks!
  10. Thanks. I just confirmed that if I create a note using Notestore.noteStore createNote:(EDAMNote *) success:^(EDAMNote *note)success failure:^(NSError *error)failure, launching evernote app with the url of the newly created note fails. Will the upcoming SDK make this use case easier too? Thanks!
  11. I did make sure that the MAC app had synced to the web before emailing the link. The reason I was trying this was to make sure that a future use case that I plan to incorporate in my iOS app will work. I would like to create a new note with some initial content from my application using the EN iOS SDK. I plan to make sure it has synced and I get the server generated note GUID back from the server. After this, I would use the note link to launch the iOS evernote app to allow my app user to continue editing the note. Based on my investigations, this will not be possible unless the Evernote iOS app has synced the note I just created.
  12. I created a note using my mac evernote app and immediately emailed the link and tried viewing the note on my iPhone via the email. Launching the evernote app using the link gives me the following error: "The note link refers to a note that does not appear to exist". While the error dialog is being displayed, I see the new note synced to the evernote app on my iPhone. After this, the same link works just fine. Looks like the evernote app does not wait till initial app sync is done to look up the note on the device nor does it lookup the EN server to see if the link is to a valid but as yet unsynced note. Is this a bug that we can expect to be fixed in the near future?
  13. No, the shared notebook was not created by me - its a business notebook that I added - it was created by a co-worker. I got the link from the mac app by right clicking the note and then choosing the "copy link note" option. I also tried generating the note link by following the evernote documentation on Note Links.
  14. Links to shared notes from shared notebooks pasted in an email or a 3rd party app show the following error in the iOS evernote app: "The note cannot be open because the note link is invalid." The link itself was copied from my Evernote Mac app and is valid and is of the form evernote:///view/user id/shard id/note guid/noteguid/linked notebook guid/ Links to personal notes work just fine. Is this a known issue?