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  1. Thanks very much for taking the time to respond, DTLow. I'll give that a shot. And yes, you're right... I should go in and clean up my tags to get rid of spaces. Good advice! Ted
  2. Hello all, I'm on a Mac using Evernote and having a devil of a time trying to figure out how to search for multiple tags. I have done a search and did read a thread on here regarding this, but it won't seem to work. Let me explain my scenario: I have several notebooks. One of which is Die Inventory (I'm a crafter). EVERY note in that notebook has the tag "Die". I also have a tag "Thank you" to show up my notes that have to do with "Thank you" When I type in the search: tag:Die tag:Thank you, I get no results. When I type in the search: tag:Die tag:Thank+you, I get no results. I should get results, seeing as I do have notes in the notebook that have both those tags. I have tried going to JUST the Die Inventory notebook, and clicking on the tag "Thank you", but I will get EVERY note I own that has that as a tag... when all I really want are notes in that particular notebook with that tag. Any help is greatly appreciated. There has to be an easier way on a Mac to search for multiple tags. Thank you, Ted
  3. I'm very displeased with the latest "upgrade" (used loosely) to Evernote, and I'm wondering how I would go about downgrading to 5.6.2? As somebody in this thread wrote earlier: "If it isn't broken, don't fix it." Evernote was a wonderful application. Now, besides the very uncomfortable interface, my notes lag terribly on my one-week-old iMac. I did send a note into Support, and I did get a canned response stating that they've received the message. Something tells me I won't get much more than that. So, please...if there's a way I can go back to the earlier version of Evernote, I would appreciate instructions on how to do so. Thanks much.
  4. Hello, When I copy the URL to post on my classroom website, the formatting is WAY off for any files I have attached. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s44/sh/0b06303f-3cf4-4f55-a5ff-9f839476d709/c0fb3caf82f25218f6c8d8eb4dbfdbd4 In the past, they have been formatted very nicely in a table format (which I see when I use either the web client or the OS or Windows clients). However, this new appearance is very inefficient. There should be a two-column table (four rows) with each cell having a document my students' parents could download. This is clearly not the case above. Any advice is appreciated...thank you.
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