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  1. I found a bug. When I try to search using ReminderTime. ReminderTime:Day works as expected as does ReminderTime:Day-7 will use 7 days ago, but if I use ReminderTime:Day+1 it will search today with notes having "1" in them. It does not search for ReminderTime set to tomorrow. This only is an issue on Windows.
  2. Still no fix for the search using ReminderTime:Day+1. Future dates will not search. It handles the "1" as a search term not as Day+1. When will this be fixed?
  3. "reminderTime:day+1" does not work in Windows. It still attempts to use the "1" as a search term not as "day+1". This search works on the web version and also my iPhone and iPad. I hope we can fix this for Windows since without this search ability it severely limits the usefulness of reminders on Windows.
  4. the day+1 search works on the web and on my iPhone and iPad. It appears that windows was missed. I contacted evernote and they said they would flag it as a bug. Hopefully that will fix this.
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