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  1. As Evernote Web Clipper 5.4.1 has been broken for some days, I suggest acknowledging this on the support webpage with a link to the workaround. Currently the Support webpage states "Evernote service status: All systems are running smoothly". I realise that you folks probably don't think of these "periferal apps" as part of the system ... but from the users POV they are. After all, it is an Evernote app isn't it? After looking everywhere and not finding anything pertaining to this problem, I contacted support through the contacts page. I expect I will recieve a reply from them shortly with the information you have kindly provided here. I just wish I hadn't needed to search so many different places to get a workaround. What is the use of having a support webpage if you don't keep the information there current. Makes Evernote look like a bunch of dills to state that all systems are running smoothly when we know they are not. Anyway, now that I have had my winge it's time to get back to work. Thanks again for the information. And please notify those who need to know that a support webpage is a great communication tool. Just don't forget to use it. Cheers,
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