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  1. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313588-How-to-use-note-links-to-connect-between-notes It is already possible to link connections between notes, but it would be useful for me to link to specific sections of larger notes. When I'm writing something and annotating with citations, linking to the area in the paper which I'm citing (stored as a PDF in another note) would be very useful, instead of having to write something like "scroll to page 4 of this note" where this is the hyperlink.
  2. I would also like this feature, I want to be able to copy my math problems into everynote and then work on them write under with my bamboo.
  3. Figured out Alt + 26 makes the arrow. Not sure how to close thread, sorry.
  4. In OneNote I used to just type "-->" and it would auto-correct to the arrow symbol "→". Is there a way to do that in Evernote on the windows desktop application?
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