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  1. Awesome - all found, and tagged - everything looking great now. Thanks again!
  2. Enter this in the Search box to search for Notes with NO location: -latitude:* -longitude:* EDIT: correct typo Woooohooooo! You beauty! Thanks JM - and everyone else for your excellent, prompt assistance!
  3. Thanks gazumped! Yes, I did find that article. Unfortunately, it tells you how to find notes by location - not notes without locations. Unless I'm missing something of course!
  4. Hey there everyone, I'm trying to make sure I have location tags on all my notes. I can use the Atlas function to see all the ones that do have location tags but there doesn't seem to be an easy way to filter the note view to just show those notes without locations. Anyone have any idea? Many thanks donkey
  5. Thanks - I was trying to use the iPhone Configuration utility at work but will give this a go tonight at home (where it normally plugs in. Thanks!
  6. Blast - looks like code signing service in my iPad is stopping me from putting that older version back on.
  7. I too, would really appreciate the ability to turn off auto-syncing of everything in PU and just go back to 'sending' the ones I *choose* to through to Evernote. In the mean time, I was able to dig through my TimeMachine and find an old 3.3.1 IPA file. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/6442980/Penultimate%203.3.1.ipa
  8. My apologies for the double-quick-reply-post. I just had a look back through other suggestions/feedback here and noticed people talking about the whole disabling multi-touch gestures. Wow! The wrist-protection thing is actually REALLY COOL! So then. Please count this as a +1 to either an automated multitouch gesture disabling or the ability to do it in-app via a toolbar button! Thanks guys!
  9. Please please please get rid of the "Wrist Protection" feature and just add a slide up Wrist Rest panel please! With 'Wrist Protection' on (aside from changing the fluidity of writing - it goes quite laggy), I still have to use a piece of cloth or something to rest my wrist on or it goes all crazy (and activates multitouch gestures etc). I use Notability for other notes which aren't needed to sync into Evernote and I never have the same problems with their wrist rest.
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