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  1. My apologies for the double-quick-reply-post. I just had a look back through other suggestions/feedback here and noticed people talking about the whole disabling multi-touch gestures. Wow! The wrist-protection thing is actually REALLY COOL! So then. Please count this as a +1 to either an automated multitouch gesture disabling or the ability to do it in-app via a toolbar button! Thanks guys!
  2. Please please please get rid of the "Wrist Protection" feature and just add a slide up Wrist Rest panel please! With 'Wrist Protection' on (aside from changing the fluidity of writing - it goes quite laggy), I still have to use a piece of cloth or something to rest my wrist on or it goes all crazy (and activates multitouch gestures etc). I use Notability for other notes which aren't needed to sync into Evernote and I never have the same problems with their wrist rest.
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