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  1. Evernote slow fix, For evernote forum Here are my experiments with the sluggish slow problem: 1) I noticed unbearable sluggishness on a lengthy text note I had been working on for the past10 days. Created entirely in Evernote, not imported. -I carefully copied sections of the lengthy note into a new note. -Then I cut the transferred sections from the lengthy note, until the lenthy note's sluggishness was gone. -I transferred about 30 lines of text 7 times. I ended up transferring about 200 lines of text, leaving about 400 lines in the original text. -Following this, in both the shortened original note and the new pasted note, I cound now input and edit without sluggishness. *The lengthy note is becoming slightly sluggish again as I add more text.* 2) I had 2 notes with heavy color formatting imported from Freenote app. These were shorter in length, and were fairly sluggish. The only way I could undo the formatting on my Android tablet was the following: -Cut and paste the note, in (at least) 2 parts, into a new note. [The color formatting remained if I selected all, or if I manually highlighted all the text. I had to do it in parts] [*Update: color reformatting is easily accomplished on Windows version of Evernote.] -The new note was all black text, with no more heavy color formatting. The sluggishness was gone. *-Imported notes with one or two lines of color formatting, have not been slow for me.*
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