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  1. So I just figured out how to see my primary level notebooks - they're not visible on the left navigation pane, but if I click on Notebooks it shows the list of notebooks in the main vindown and they show up. Also see new notebook option there. Why don't higher level notebooks show in the left navigation pane?
  2. On the new web version using Chrome, there is no option to create a new notebook! Also, my primary level notebooks which contained subnotebooks have disappeared. When I switched back to the old version, the primary level notebooks were there, but when I clicked on many of the notes, the first character of text of each line in the note is missing! The first characters are there in the new version. This is so messed up.
  3. Hi all. Had to reinstall Windows 7 and am now reinstalling all programs. Evernote downloaded and appeared to install correctly, but when I try to open it on my PC it gives the message in the title. I saw various posts about IE needing to be reviewed to be sure it was not in Work Offline status. Checked that - all OK - even toggled it back and forth a few times. Reinstalled Evernote. Same problem. Any ideas on what else to try? Thanks. Jaime
  4. Hi all. Had to reinstall Windows 7 and am now re-installing all programs, including Evernote. I downloaded and installed Evernote, but when I try to run it, it says I don't have an Internet connection. Saw many posts about making sure IE is in not in Work Offline mode. Even though I use Chrome for browsing, not IE, I opened IE and it browses just fine. Toggled the Work Offline option on/off several times, reinstalled Evernote, and still have the same problem. Any ideas? Thanks. Jaime
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