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  1. Hi, Well that just sucks... not being able to sort by the file creation date (attachment file) is a real pain if you have lots of files to import. Thanks
  2. Hi, How do I limit saved searches to tags and not keywords. I have tag names that are also contained as a word in a document. Some of my documents may contain words similar to many of my tags but I do not want these included in a saved search, I only want the search for documents having the assigned tags... I hope this is not some sort of limitation of tagging otherwise this would be another argument to add the ability to create notebooks, with pages and pages containing notes (similar to OneNote and Zoho NoteBook) instead of notebooks containing just notes (see my other post). Thanks
  3. Hi, I noticed that when I try to sort my notes by date EverNote uses the date the note was put into EverNote. Is there a way to force EverNote to use a files date instead. I uploaded several files and is was difficult to sort them properly because of this... Thanks
  4. Hi, It's nice to see the passion people have for the products they use. I definitly can see why tags are advantages, since I am trained as an Engineer. That being said I still believe its not immediately obvious how to use tags (I guess I call that counter intuitive). I do know my customers and unfortunately many of them are business owners who could care less how elagent something is or how efficient something is, they just want results now. Trying to get someone like this to learn a new way to do something is a very tough sell. So I stand by what I said if you look at the competitors they use pages as a way to organize information within the notebook. I don't know if OneNote has it but Zoho Notebook has tags as well and it becomes a very powerful feature for organizing data accross notebooks and for searches - I can see why you are so adament about them they really do help. I guess what I am saying is it is a logical way to oraganize data that mimicks the typical way people work and it sure would be nice to HAVE BOTH! By the way thanks for some of the links to oranzational methods using tags. I have decided to create notebooks for each customer and then use two tags for each note I want to create. So I have the customer name as one tag and then the folder as another (so my other tags are things like licenses, settings, images, tutorials, etc.) That way I can create saved searches for each customer. This allows me to create searches unique to each customer as well as using the power of tags to search across notebooks using my other tags. The only thing I haven't figured out yet (or tested) is how to make certain folders/notes (saved searches) private so that my customers cannot see certain notes that I want organized under their notebook but private to me only. I am still testing... Thanks
  5. Thanks for the suggestion but I guess i need to take this a step further in explanation. I am a small business and I want to create a notebook for each client. Depending on the type of work done for that client I might have pictures, settings, passwords, license codes, notes, etc for each one. So the plan is to share each notebook with the client to give them access to their information. If I understand your explanation correctly I would not be able to assign a notebook to each client. I might be able to do something like creating tags with a client name and then the folder I want such as 'Licenses' so i would have something like "Client Name - Licenses" but that seems like a lot of work. I guess I am use to the interface of Zoho's Notebook and Microsoft's OneNote which uses the concept of pages to organize data. Zoho also has tags which I think would further enhance searching. Zoho doesn't seem to be developing their product any further and Microsoft would require an investment up front by the client, so i am trying to make EverNote work...
  6. Hi, It seems like a major feature for organizing notes is missing. You have notes and you have notebooks but you don't have pages containing a group of notes, a group of notes that are around a similar theme. I know there is the merge function that will group a number of notes into one note, but that cannot be undone. i cannot move a file, image, text, note to say another group or page. Think of it this way you are in a hurry and you just want to capture some information and then later you want to give it some sort of organization. Perhaps this can be done with tagging but that also seems counter intuitive. Any idea if such functionality might be added in the future. Along the line of developing, is there a developers resource page for creating apps using some sort of EverNote API... Thanks
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