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  1. Until Penultimate is fully integrated into Evernote I continue using Noteshelf. You can sync to various EN notebooks. Mailing to EN works also perfect. And the pencils and palm protection is way better than Penultimate. Penultimate is nice but it has to be integrated into EN. Handwritten notes mixed with typed text would be great. Like NoteSuite but a better. And as soon as you can tag and add reminders to handwritten notes, EN would become a real notebook replacement. At least for me.
  2. Is it really not possible to sync different Penultimate noteboks to different Evernote notebooks? Seems that all Penultimate NBs can only be synced to one and the same Evernote notebook. I'd really like to have this synced to different notebooks in Evernote. Thanks
  3. Ok, so let's wait and hope In the meantime I'll improve my workflow with Noteshelf.
  4. Hi, I've seen that this has been already requested several times, but it seems that there is still an answer missing from the Evernote team. When will it be possible to create hand-written notes directly in Evernote? I'm a bit bothered to manually sync my notes from Noteshelf or Penultimate manually into Evernote. It would be a huge benefit if we could eventually created, edit, annotate hand-written notes in Evernote. So please integrate this. Or at least tell me your plan regarding handwritten notes! Many thanks, Andreas
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