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  1. Thanks for the link and replies. The linked article cleared up some confusion and I now get why I MIGHT possibly need notebooks, i.e. for sharing or offline, but so far I guess I'm better off just using tags, especially since I often create notes in the default notebook with tags, but often forget to put them in their respective notebooks, I'm better off just not using them at all. I used Catch notes before this, so I'm used to heavily tagging stuff, so it's easier just to stick with this I also understand now why when I did put something in another notebook I couldn't access it offline on my phone. I thought that all notes were sychronized between cloud and device.
  2. I'm new to Evernote, but have been enjoying it immensely, especially having all my notes in one place. The thing I don't get is what the point of notebooks are. I created a few, such as recipes and teaching, but honestly, I could have just as easily created tags with the same names since you can add multiple tags to any note, so I really don't get what notebooks add that a tag wouldn't. Please let me know if I'm missing something!
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