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  1. I got an email from Evernote support https://support.evernote.com/FileManagement/Download/daf0a9daf10c4c18b7ccd982b17f267f https://support.ever...303261cce2392a6 Ticket # 16051-221959 Dear Valued Customer, It has been 2 weeks since our last interaction. We are closing out this ticket. Any bugs or feature requests filed will continue to be worked on. You need do nothing further. Should you need to contact us with additional information about this case, please open a new ticket at http://s.evernote.com/support and reference this ticket number in your comments. Evernote Support well the problem has been solved thanks to this http://discussion.ev...rnote-software/ but if i don't apply a trick the problem persist.. there will be a bug in evernote, i think, it's all about long notes: I noticed that problem persist when I copied a very long text from a facebook page.. then if i try to (click to) read this note the evernote gonna die and it's crash and appear the dialog box support. So i don't copy anymore very long text, althought it's a limitation from evernote. Hope you solve asap this prob ( lemme know when you do it). Greatings
  2. Hi man, ok now eveything it's okay... the sw it's sync all my notes :) I really thank you. BUt when the sw will ask me new updates, what am I doing? Have I to do that? Besides, exists a way to create a pdf of my notes of a tag? For example, i have this notes A, B, C belong to tag LETTERS Exists some special function o procedure free to export they in a pdf file, so than i can print it?
  3. Yep, I got it ! now i copied the whole folder (760mb) inside dropbox but now?!? I still cannot use Evernote.. My trust on Evernote is low now. But in the meanwhile I wait trustfully the solution if they are really good systems analyst and support customers. Ps: out of curiosity I opened the file.exb and i can see something like the database field are created (Pkey etc..)
  4. So, i don't have any folder called "Databases" and (after I setted 'show me the files extension for unknown files') no files .exb I really don't think it's about conflict program or virus. Do u have other ideas?
  5. Thanks for ur advice, i'm gonna try right now. The ticket number is Ticket # 16051-221959
  6. Hi to all, I have a problem and it persists since 4 days. I noticed it to Evernote Staff but anyone can solve it. Problem: suddendly i can't open evernote anymore, and appears this http://img21.imagesh.../5495/eerrn.jpg the window title is IRREVERSIBLE ERROR and my face is i can't believe that! Sometimes it's opened and after 2-3 seconds the same error. Anyone (possibly professional evernote employed) can help me to fix that? The only answer from evernote staff it has been opening a "ticket" without right feedback resolved. My attempt has been: disinstall e reinstall evernote from my computer but the problem is the same. I've important things there and i get back using evernote on my computer, pls. Hope someone can solve it Thanks in advanced
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