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  1. Hello, it would be useful to duplicate a note and keeping all the tags/content from the note [source] to the note [target] copied. Is it possible it? Thank already
  2. maybe should I be a clever evernote employee you missed ? xd I'm looking for a new job, let me know if you need someone that test the user experience and the bad design of evernote. i can reallocate in case
  3. >>Will you please confirm the exact platform, OS version, and Evernote version number that you're experiencing this issue on? I'd like to test it on my end. evernote windows 7 The Problem exists and persist if you try to copy something from evernote app to facebook app! Everythings is copied in all the same line! So anyone can solve everythings in this post or maybe you cannot do this? Greetings
  4. HI, there's a problem!!!! FROM webpage the text COPY and PASTE TO: - google keep note - evernote web application it works very well..... but FROM webpage or google keep note or evernote mobile application the text COPY and PASTE TO - whatsApp - evernote desktop application pastes the text in the same line, i mean when i do PASTE AND KEEP THE STYLE the paste function gonna paste the whole text in the same line!!! it's bad! How can it be solved? Any good devoloper here can solve this? I love evernote but this problem make everything bad. Instead from GOOGLE KEEP NOTE when im gonna do COPY AND PASTE to my whatsApp it keeps the style. For example if in google keep note or some webpage i have this text: hello, how r u?Im doing welll. Look here "abcbcbcbdjdjd" do u like ti? Yep! ciao, que pasa? from google keep note i do COPY AND PASTE to WHATSAPP it gonna paste in the exactly way u read: with spaces, brealines and so on! Instead if i'll do the same but from EVERNOTE to WHATSAPP it gonna paste like this: hello, how r u?Im doing welll.Look here "abcbcbcbdjdjd" do u like ti? Yep!ciao, que pasa? Now imagine if u have a very long text and everythings gonna be like evernote does! it's horrible to read! Greetings
  5. Hi, I'm using AlterNote Editor chrome plugin to be able to edit table. After I've been logged in web evernote connection as requested from plugin I stumbled into this error (and looks like the connection is dropped) ------------------------------------------ | ERROR | The operation failed because Evernote's servers detected an error with: authenticationToken ------------------------------------------ and i cannot use anymore the SAVE from the plugin because that error. Can anyone help me, please? Thx in advaced
  6. oh JMichael, super cool! Thx u! At least, i think unintentionally, Evernote's team did something useful.
  7. Hi, Exists a way to add 10 or more than 1 rows in a hit in a table previously created? Thx in advanced
  8. hey JMichael i totally agree with u !! what does mean OP ?
  9. "don't do what you want to accomplish at all" of course because it's takes time. If I press all key to do an operation i'll use a linux console or I'll do it by coding in assembly or java to stay closer at human reality. Anyway.
  10. the workaround it's only a way to bypass the problem, it's a bad solution in my opinion. It's not for everyone. The usability teach: getting more done with less effort. I mean a usable product needs less effort and time for user's tasks that are more important than product's features, focusing on providing an all-round user experience in a very easy way. You have to do all the steps u wrote down. And u imagine if I have disabled or already busy the key from F1 to F12 this is not helpful or possible with ur solution. What r u gonna do? It's a pity there's no way to do exactly what I'm asking for and there's anyone from evernote's team gets this as suggest like an input to improve this from a user that I highlighted this lack on the sw. Don't u think?
  11. Instead when I try to add tag by tag on the search bar, evernote delete me the first tag I had typed. On the search bar I wanna have something like tag1 tag2 but this is not possible. For example, I type the tag "science" and all notes about that tag, they are showed up. Now when, on the same reaserch, I'll try to add the tag "neuroscienze" the tag "science" it's deleted!!! Here is it the problem http://youtu.be/OXZ_YvT3VnU
  12. Hey man, I think u lost the goal of this post <<when you Shift+Click on the tag, it's added to the current filter. When you Shift+clicked on the "youtube" tag, it filtered the current note list from 4 notes down 1 note.>> according to my post title "TAG feature it must improve for a SIMPLE USABILITY", it should show me all notes related on tag "youtube" when i click on. It's like tag clicked change in kinda hypertext link. What I mean, i think it's pretty useful. I'll give u another example by a usercase: I got 3 notes with 3 different "tag" and 1 "tag" is the same Note with "cinema" "david lynch" Note with "music" "david lynch" Note with "painting" "david lynch" Now if i wanna have all notes relatad only on "david lynch" by pointing/clicking on the tag "david lynch" on the header bar this is not possible. In general if I wrote down a lot of notes gotta the same few tag related in multicontext (cinema, music, painting etc..) evernote doesn't have a easy solution to show me in very fast way all notes on the tag I wanna clicking on. The only solution is type for that tag. In the solution that I suggest you, you get a browsing among ur notes like they were a website of notes!!! And you can have ur mind printed among ur note as a website! Every thoughts is a little fragments in a note untied from the context. I mean i dont wanna have a "add filter" i wanna have "show a/all note/s on filter tag name i clicked on" Do u understand ?
  13. Maybe you didn't understand me. I made this video to make u understand me better (i hope) http://youtu.be/t_JOOU9vZXc In the last part of this video I show u how if I click (as u said Shift+Click ) on "youtube" tag doesn't change nothing. Instead, if this system were clever, it should me all notes related on "youtube" tag when i click on. Do u understand me now?
  14. it doesn't perform properly. Another problem is that in this way u said me you have to remember all your tags in ur mind instead to get a suggest-autocomplete. If I type tag:sport tag:soccer the tag's name doesn't appear in autocomplete mode. Anyway, your solution doesn't work properly.
  15. yep it works only for two clicks. For example if i have a note with 4 tags: music, lyric, biography, project and i'm clicking at first on music, than on lyric, then on biography when i wanna click on biography doesn't work. Do u knwo chrome or any other browsers? What i wanna have is something similar like that: when you point at a link, just press CTRL to get a new tab keeping the original page opening. For note it's like: when you point at one tag on the header bar gimme back the all notes related on that tag (filter tag). Do u understand me?
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