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  1. The solution that worked for me is at the end of this thread: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/34986-cannot-sign-in-to-the-app-on-mac/ In a nutshell, AppCleaner removes some config or files that the uninstaller and my sniffing around were unable to find.
  2. I would be curious to know what AppCleaner removes and the differences in files with older versions that causes the issue. Can this thread be passed onto which ever devs are working though the Jira queue? Perhaps they will find something useful here.
  3. Cheers for the updates guys, success. Tried AppCleaner, no difference. Rolled back the oldest version I had on Time Machine, no difference (though it had 'forgotten' my stored login details). Use AppCleaner to remove the version Time Machine had installed and installed the latest version from the Evernote site; it works! So Evernote is now working, though I don't think the underlying issue is *fixed* as such, more a case of hitting it with a hammer until it stopped breathing x
  4. I (as thoroughly as I know how), removed all traces of Evernote, hidden files, keychain entry, folder permissions etc. but *something* must remain bound to my account as changing the profile on OSX allows me to login and using a different account on my real profile logs in. Something in the system remains and is preventing me to log in.
  5. Apologies for my response being a little terse. My frustration is not aimed at you (or anyone else on the forum), it's aimed at the Evernote team who are completely ignoring this issue; an issue that several paying customers appear to be experiencing.
  6. It's a problem when I cannot access any of my data while I'm away from home (as has happend lately with both OSX and iOS versions broken)... I appreciate you're trying to help, but after the support team closed my incident report regarding this issue and that they have ignored anything I've posted in this form, I don't really have a lot of faith left in Evernote's support. Combine this with the aforementioned failure to release stable OSX/iOS versions of their main product and I really don't think Evernote is somewhere I want to trust with my 'mission critical' data any longer. I just want to fix it so that I can get my recipes back, I want my kitchen notes (and I'm kinda stubborn about fixing broken things).
  7. I'm not sure, but a bit. I keep meeting minutes, voice notes/dictation, heaps of 'stuff' (recipes, code snippets, artwork), over a year of data made-up of daily updates etc. To be honest, this whole episode has made me realise that I use/rely on Evernote far too much.
  8. I would need to be able to log in on the real profile to export the content though, and my real account is a premium account. I would hit the monthly cap in a heartbeat on the free account, even if I could somehow access my data
  9. Little update (I really hope some devs are taking notes of this thread). Deleting Keychain entries didn't help, so tried some sideways thinking and created a new profile. It works, logged in, no problems. Switching back to my 'real' profile though still does not work (I tried username and email adress). Something somewhere is stopping just one account log in on just one profile...
  10. I'm in a very similar position to you Eldruid, broken OSX and iOS versions and a paying customer here too. Fortunately I am able to access the web version and also have a Windows desktop at home. My ticket was closed while I was awaiting a solution, at least yours is still open I won't be renewing my premium membership. Even though I found Evernote to be an incredibly useful tool, the fact that I relied on it to the point where I would be in a very sticky position if I didn't have access to my Windows machine made me realise that I was putting too many eggs in one basket (and a basket with very poor quality control at that). I've gone back to using DropBox and just copying files between clients; it's not as elegant as Evernote, but at least I won't lose access to my data if they release multiple buggy versions at the same time.
  11. I followed that guide a while back, it was one of the first things I tried and even went deeper than that, removing the various hidden folders and undoing the permissions settings; no joy though. There has to be *something* lingering in the system though, even after a thorough removal. Why else would a new profile or OS reinstall work?
  12. Tried creating a new profile and it works, first time, no issues. This leads me to believe that re-installing the OS would work, though in my case this a far too time consuming option. Also it indicates that *something* is being left behind when un-installing Evernote, even though I've been as thorough as I can in tracking down hidden files etc.
  13. I have not, will that mean I'll have to keep logging in and out to use different programs though? My MacBook is my work computer, I try to keep it is as 'clean' as possible.
  14. Sadly I've had to almost entirely abandon Evernote and am in the market for a reliable alternative. Both the Mac and now iOS versions either no longer work or are too unstable to use; very sad and frustrating as I used to rely on Evernote constantly through my day. The only platforms where it still works are through a browser or on my Windows PC; I've even had to go back to carrying my pocket voice recorder around as it no longer works on my iPhone Edit: Just out of curiosity I (this minute) installed the latest version, 5.0.6 Beta 2. Still broken and refuses won't login.
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