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  1. Wow! Almost 3 years without any fix for this! Cannot merge on Web or on the go with Android; probably cannot too with iOS. To write text with minimal hierarchy, I start being forced to go to google docs or IA Writer. Evernote is in the comfort zone, a lot of accommodation ... remember blockbuster, xerox. I would write TIA but suspect it has no meaning in this context
  2. Hi, all. Just to put my 2 cents: On Galaxy Tab S Android 5.02 I have the same above mentioned bug; only Action 1 x 1 Widget if EN is on SD; restoring it to internal storage corrects this widget bug, but on the very second I move it back to SD, other widgets vanishes and I have to reinstall it again. As Google is trying to kill SD, I think it is not a bug, but a design choice... Anyway, Evernote may request Google to correct this non-scan-SD-bug and see what happens... TIA
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