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  1. dear evernote can you make this window resizable please? thanks http://www.evernote.com/l/ANeE5KvJfc9Iu6gvjk50U_tqe6WWweieVno/
  2. Here is a difference which I detected between the windows store version vs the standard .exe download version. Unless I've done something wrong, I do not like how the windows store version behaves i.e. I cannot create new notes from the taskbar. See below. http://www.evernote.com/l/ANd59L2wv_9L96s1-ESj_3_MdoxfZ2fR2pU/
  3. I raised a ticket with Evernote support who then claimed they couldn't replicate the issue. Only when I sent in a screencast, did they acknowledge the issue. They then told me that this not a bug or an issue but exactly how the application is meant to work, and offered no solution than to upgrade from PLUS to PREMIUM. I'm sorry but this is a very poor response from Evernote. I can't understand why, I as a paid user, has to pay even more to not suffer pop advertisements. I've started looking at Microsoft Onenote, which is free, and has no pop up ads. This would be a shame as I've been with evernote for a few years now.
  4. This issue is now reappearing. Very annoying... I am running Evernote Desktop on Windows v5.9.6.9494 (277494)
  5. I am already subscribed to Evernote as a PLUS user. When I attach files to my notes I am often invited to upgrade to Premium and this is REALLY annoying. Can someone help advise on how to stop this? I am getting the message " Evernote Premium : Document search.... PDFs are all searchable when you get evernote premium...." I am running (276152) Public on Windows 10. Thanks.
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