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  1. Attaching a files to a Note

    Hi thanks for the information.We were able attach multiple resources to a note using C++ SDK
  2. Hi Iam using the thrift and evernote SDK for creating Note into the sandbox.evernote.It is a C++ application.Iam successfully able to create a note ,How can i attach a file to that note using this C++? I used Oauth for getting the access token. Please help me to solve this issue.
  3. Note url format

    Hi Please help me to format the note url for uploading a resource using Oauth. Please find the Access token i get in the below format. oauth_token="XXXXX"&oauth_token_secret=&edam_shard=s1&edam_userId="YYYY"&edam_expires=1390914520414&edam_noteStoreUrl= I formatted note URL and send it with POST HTTP method, below shown is the URL i tried for uploading resource.I given application/x-thrift as the content header.The file not uploading to the site."XXXXX"&oauth_nonce=135772&oauth_signature="YYYY"&oauth_signature_method=PLAINTEXT&oauth_timestamp=1359378697&oauth_token="ZZZZ" Need any additional parameters from the access token i recieved in to the Notestore URL. Please help me to solve this issue. Regards Deepu M
  4. Signature method for access token

    My problem solved .me getting the Access Token
  5. Access Token not getting

    Hi Iam attaching the code snippet in which the GetAccessToken () is not returning the access token. I am used HMAC-SHA1 for generating signature for temp token request, but for the access token request, I tried both PLAINTEXT and HMAC-SHA1.I am getting the 401 error.some evernote forum notes shows that PLAINTEXT is the signature method used in Access token requests. Please help me to solve this issue Deepu M code_snippet_contains_some_portions.txt
  6. Hi I used the HMAC-SHA1 as the signature method in the AccessToken request.I am not getting the access token, iam getting 401 is the response code from the evernote.Please help me to create the correct signature for access token request. Help needed for solving this issue. Regards & Thanks Deepu M
  7. Access Token not getting

    Hi I tried the oauth verifier as you suggested.The oauth verifier contains some characters that need to be URLencoded,that also done before attaching to the access token URL. My access token request looks like below.Iam using the same hasing code that generated signature for the temp token request URL.Iam getting the temp token & temp token secret successfully. I used the consumer key & temp token secret for genarating the signature."YYYY"&oauth_nonce=147553&oauth_signature="ZZZZZ"&oauth_signature_method=HMAC-SHA1&oauth_timestamp=1359111377&oauth_token="XXXXXX"&oauth_verifier=57B93E25A472F9FC78B8F4906DAA0401%23st%3Dp%26n%3D8c7f2104-1d03-481f-91fc-1c79cc9bac93. I registered my consumer key with sandbox production service.Is ther any thing else to do for getting the access token. Please help me to solve this issue. Thanks & regards Deepu M
  8. Hi We got the Oauth verifier from the call back url and used this Oauth verifier in the Access token request.But we failed to get the access token. Our call back URL looks like"XXXXX"&oauth_verifier=566723FE34B1EDF2608D2BCB1FDAB4DC#st=p&n=8c7f2104-1d03-481f-91fc-1c79cc9bac93 we just confused with this Oauth verifier ,how many of the portion need to be extracted for getting the correct Oauth verifier or need to use the entire one.We tried some trial & error methods ,but still unable to get the access token. we are following the instructions from the site. In this site only few letters are passed as Oauth verifier. Please help us to solve this issue.
  9. Problem solved.server i tried is different.
  10. Hi Thanks for the information. Now i registered my consumer key with the production service and got a message like "Activation request received" .I have a doubt in my mind that is there any confirmation mail will be sent to my e-mail id after the ever note production team approved my request. Iam getting the same error after consumer key registration. Using MFC dll project and WinHttpSendRequest are used for sending the https requests. Regards Deepu M
  11. Hi Iam using Oauth for authenticating into the evernote from a third party app.for this i got a consumer key and consumer secret from evernote site.I created a signature from the consumer key and used HMAC-SHA1 as the encryption.I send a temp token request to the evernote and also got the response as temp token.I extracted the temp token from the response and added it to the authentication URL.I manged to add the authentication URL to the Microsoft Web browser control for navigation.the web browser control is showing the authentication page and managed to enter the user name and password.But the "allow access" autherization page is not displaying to the web browser control for getting the access token. The error msg attached and my authentication url with temp token is given here my authentication URL looks like https://www.evernote...2C1592DA4BE9368 Help needed for solving this issue Regards& thanks Deepu