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  1. Hi there, I'm a new Evernote user, and was quite intrigued by the "Dictation Note" option. After dictating some commentary to a book chapter I was reading, Evernote synced itself to the online server. I was amazed by the proficiency of the text recognition, and excited by the prospect of all of the applications I could see for this! And then, I noticed that an audio file (WAV as opposed to AMR) was saved along with the note, and this used up a good portion of my 60MB. This made me wonder if there was a setting which would allow for dictation, and speech-to-text within Evernote, without needing to save the audio file. If I had wanted to save the audio file, I would have made an "Audio Note". Has anyone else encountered this? Is there a simple way to fix this that I've overlooked? Thanks for any help.
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