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  1. I just read KentL's note about handwriting in Evernote (I'm a new Evernote user and have had the Note 10.1 for a few months). I encountered two issues I hope someone can help with. First, the good news. I was able to open a new note in Evernote and use the handwriting recognition feature from the Note to work. This is a breakthrough for me! Thank you KentL! First question: I was able to get a new note open in Evernote and use my handwriting recognition function from the Note 10.1. However, is there an easy way to just handwrite directly into Evernote without the handwriting recognition function? Is this a change in settings I need to make to enable this? Now the bad news. I got all giddy and went to synch all my S-note files in Evernote. They all went in as .snb files, which Evernote can't seem to open. Second question: Is there a way for me to easily delete the synch'd files and then re-synch using PDFs or some other format that is Evenote friendly? Is there an easy way to do this without having to do the S-notes one a time? Many thanks!
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