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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone. I will try using Note links and Tag stacks to work around this deficiency.
  2. Thanks for the repy Jenni Ugh. That would work, but it feels like such a hack to me. I would prefer that as well, but Evernote's longstanding opposition to hiearchical notes is well established in these forums so I'm not going waste my time trying to convince them otherwise. I am looking for some way to duplicate the same functionality within the confines that Evernote establishes. Thanks for your help. I will give that a try.
  3. Hello I want to use Evernote to organize research material and I want to semantically link notes to each other. Since the Evernote dev team refuses to implement hiearchial notes, is there any way to do this? For example, if I were researching car companies, how could I replicate this kind of structure: -Research Project 1 ---Ford ------CEO ------Total Sales ------Corporate HQ ------Models ---------Mustang ---------Tempo ---------F150 ---Chevy ------CEO ------Total Sales ------Corporate HQ ------Models ---------Corvette ---------Model2 ---------Truck thx
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