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  1. I was hoping to be able to import an existing note into skitch, and have it overlay the annotation... But the only way I see to do that is with a screengrab. I know I can open a photo within Evernote and edit with Skitch, but the web clips are not photos.
  2. Sorry... Windows. I use the chrome extension for web clips. I also have an iphone that can be used... that is where I first found Skitch.
  3. Hi there. Is there an ability to annotate a web clip (something that is not a pdf, jpg)? I like the idea of skitch. How to do this on editable text like from a web clip? I know I can just type it.. but I like how Skitch stands out. Jason
  4. I figured out a great way! Using the iOS app... works perfect!
  5. Thank you. I guess Ill have to play with it. I don't think OCR will be that important as I can tag the recipe. I'm more interested in displaying both sides of the card on one page (note).
  6. Hi all. New to evernote. I am using it to organize my recipes. I have found several blogs that have given great tips. Just wondering the best way to scan two sided recipes on index cards? Do it as two separate jpgs or as a pdf with two pages? Just wondering what others have done... Thanks, Jason
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