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  1. That's called voting with your wallet. Hope it works. And if you should find what you are seeking, let us all know.
  2. Try marching into Wal-Mart and demanding that they sell you a car. If you are lucky, you will only get laughed at. But since you think that sort of thing is ok, maybe I should demand that you write an EverNote replacement that will run on Linux. See how well that works? If somebody *does* write an EverNote replacement that is suitably cross-platform, I may well buy it -- and drop my premium subscription to EverNote, even though the cost only amounts to a flea-bite. But jumping up and down and pitching a fit because EverNote doesn't see fit to do it is unlikely to accomplish much -- except getting yourself laughed at.
  3. I'd love to see Evernote for Linux. However, I don't feel entitled to demand that Evernote produce something they consider to be uneconomical, or don't think they have the resources to accomplish. That's up to the market. Evernote is a great product, even if the Linux access is limited to a browser, but if any of you folks would like to do one better, let me know. If there is ever something comparable for Linux that is cross-platform (so I can use it from my Android, my iMac, and my Windoze systems), I will sign up for that in a heartbeat (assuming there is some way to migrate my current database), and quit paying for Evernote. Until then, I'll just use Evernote.
  4. Since Evernote makes a very nice plugin for FireFox (which I'm running on my Ubuntu 14.04 LTS system right now), I'm a bit puzzled by all the vitriol in this thread. The plugin works cross-platform just fine. The web app seems a bit clunky, but I understand it has substantially improved, which implies that it will continue to improve in the future. There is a native app for Android -- did Evernote do that one? The device on which I use Evernote the most is my Android phone, at least for looking up stuff. On my Windoze and Linux systems, I mostly use the FireFox plugin. I already consider Evernote to be something that resides in the "cloud" and is accessed via a browser (mostly). It certainly appears that is the direction that the Evernote company is headed. Any rate, Evernote (I'm a premium user) is something I use pretty much everywhere. Except on my computer at work, because the company won't allow it. But for there, I have my smartphone.
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