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  1. Installed that version, closed FIrefox and restarted. The button on the top right displays "Sign in to Web Clipper" but does not let me sign in. Uninstalled, removed, re-installed - now lets me sign in and save the current page. Go to a another web site and no longer lets me save - display "clip to Evernote'
  2. Clipper has never worked 100% for me, typically has random logouts and won't clip a page unless I get to it by "open in new window" In the last few days it stopped clipping. I can sometimes get it to popup and offer to save, but i never saves. I've removed and resinstalled a couple of times. WIndows 7
  3. I might have found a solution - after finding I had an old Web Clipper also installed and not easily removable. http://www.maclean-design.com/evernote-web-clipper-forgets-name-and-password/
  4. Evernote webclipper 5.6 [updated April 11 [and I guess that's the date the problems started] - Firefox 20.0.1 Windows XP
  5. It's a big step backwards - I sat and hardly used Evernote for a year, and using the web clipper caused me to start using Evernote routinely instead of the desktop app that I was using to keep notes. For the last week its been getting worse as you mention, and also it keeps losing my name and password and its a pain having to type them in again and again. Trash the extra pop window at the end, it's wasting time without adding content.
  6. In the last few days - FireFox stopped remembering my password and login for the web clipper, though it does remember how to login to Evernote itself, In one case it did fill in the password after I typed in my username, the rest of the time I had to enter both. WIndows XP
  7. Hi. Please make sure to backup your iPod Touch in iTunes on your computer, and contact support soon (see the link in my signature below), because you will definitely want to sync if you have any data on the old iPod Touch that has not yet been synced. Support can help you out with this. If it is only a few notes, you can just email them to your account. Thanks - I stopped using Evernote on my touch back when it stopped syncing- the only stuff I have there is for showing that sync does not work. My main use was to show recipes [when I'm in the kitchen] that I added on the desktop/web. Now I get to enjoy my new iPod where I now have a camera and can snap photos of the food and sync them back to the web.
  8. My old iPod touch has not synced for months and still does not sync today. I just bought a new Touch and it does sync [on the same account] so far. That's a bit better, but not great since I'm planning on using both the old and new ones.
  9. Open Evernote on iPod touch 1. Create a New note - immediately get synchronization fail before I type anything - ignore that and type the note title 2. Close the note and Evernote saves it locally as (Pending Synchonrization) 3. Paste content to the created note 4. Close the note - immediately get synchronization fail still with problems
  10. I hardly have used Evernote - barely 50 items posted but I keep reading about how great it is - so the last few days I read a lot of articles, used it more, added a button to gmail to capture mails, did several web clips, then wasted a lot of time trying to get sync working on my iPod touch. Now I find this thread. What a failure. Now I go back to my old reliable ways.
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