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  1. Thanks, Jeff, for looking in to this, and for such a clear explanation for what's going on. I think I understand why Evernote went this way -- a couple of years ago, people were pleading for larger check boxes because the small ones were too error-prone on some devices. (I might be the only person in the world who wants smaller checkboxes!) I am guessing Evernote chose to make the checkboxes graphics rather than characters so that the boxes would be larger even when the text in smartphone environments was small, and I certainly can't fault them for responding to user requests.
  2. Thanks! I'm holding out hope that somewhere someone knows of a configuration file or something where the checkbox properties are specified.
  3. is there some way to change the size of the checkboxes in notes that I create? It irritates me that I can prepare a list in 10-point font, or 8-point font, but I always seem to get 12-point checkboxes in my lists. If there's no way to do this on a note-by-note basis, is there a way to change the standard size of the checkboxes? Thanks! Steve
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