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  1. I second donkey on the slide up wrist protection panel...I have tried shutting off multi-gesture (which is a pain since I have to switch back and forth been apps in class sine there is no way that I have found to send PDF files to penultimate) and turning on wrist protect, but it doesn't seem to do much...I still have to either use a piece of cloth (no big deal right now since its winter and I'm wearing long sleeves) or write at an odd angle without my hand and wrist resting on iPad (difficult to do at a desk to table). Resting my wrist in ipad with wrist protect off causes pen to act inconsistently, often making marks on my notebook where my wrist touches, not picking up my pen, and in general it acts "leggy" as donkey mentioned. Also, can somebody tell me why it's necessary to turn off multigestures? I have found that if I leave multi gestures on (even with wrist guard in) penultimate still behaves the same way, and my ability to switch between apps quickly(sideswipe with four fingers between Evernote, pen, and skitch) is not hindered. Have not had any problems where it switches just because my hand/wrist rest on the screen and it doesn't seem to change how much or little of my hand or wrist are picked up by penultimate...either way it thinks my wrist is writing.
  2. Or maybe a "go to penultimate" icon that shows up in Evernote (and vice versa)...touch it and viola penultimate corresponding notebook (ie, the notebook in pen that you have linked to the one you are currently using in evernote) is opened. Draw or write whatever you need to in penultimate, touch the "go to evernote" icon and be returned to evernote right where you left off. With an auto syncing option, this would allow you to make your penultimate drawing, and have it added as a new note in evernote. Doesn't quite get it where you want it, I know, but would make work flow much better. I face much the same difficulty as a student, I use evernote for PDF and web page readings from class and would like to be able to switch back and forth Bowen readings and note taking more seemlessly. As it is, I have to open evernote,locate whatever we are discussing in class and start the painful task of switching back and forth over and over brown evernote and penultimate to view readings and take paperless, handwritten notes which I prefer because it is easier to make things stand out. Right now, I think both evernote and Penultimate are great apps so long as you aren't looking for easy (let alone seamless) integration between the two.
  3. I have been infrequently using evernote for school. When I got an iPad for the start of this semester, I was excited to use evernote and penultimate together and go paperless and be more organized. (Having a small child who digs through my book bag every time my back is turned makes staying organized with papers very difficult). Anyway, one of the things I was very excited about was integrating and organize my penultimate notes for class with notes, PDF files, and web pages from instructors for each of my classes incorrespondingevernotenotebooks. Less than a week into the semester and tonight I was disappointed to learn that it doesn't work very well. I would like to see some auto sync options foreach notebook into evernote, so that each page of notes from, lets say my Eng 358 notebook, in penultimate is automatically sent as a new note to the corresponding Eng 358notebook that I have linked it with I evernote. Then, I would be able to arrange and organize those notes around the PDFs, web pages, and notes in my evernote 358 notebook. As an Eng edu major student who has a lot of notes, PDF, online readings, research paper and honors work to do this would make my life SOOO much better. Also would like to see the ability to open PDF (like as an image) in penultimate so I can write ( stands out better than additional typing) on them just as I would a hard copy. Maybe there is already an app that works with evernote that does this?
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