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  1. Wow! Way too much work! I am not a premium subscriber.....Thanks
  2. My cell:a Samsung galaxy note 3 with kit kat os
  3. 1. I hate updating evernote because it never seems to work right afterwards. Given that, I haven't updated and I just added to a saved note. Now, when I bring it back up, that note is not in the same format as it was before I added the additional info to the note. Instead of having it line by line for each of my entries, it's now one big line with everything running together. How can I get it back to how it was?
  4. Replaced my phone & now can't log into acct. It is not taking my user name, email, password
  5. I apologize but...I am so not tech savvy...client?? I am just using evernote on my Samsung Galaxy Note with ICS op system. Over the two years I have had evernote, I have tried reaching support and never have I ever gotten a response. I have emailed using whatever email is on the app in the google play store and the one in the app itself
  6. OK! I will never update evernote again! Since updating twice now, all of my 300 notes are now in no order whatsoever. Which doesn't help me at all. Prior to the updates, I could choose how I wanted to show my notes, in what order....now....NO. I don't even get the option. I know I can look for a note by clicking the magnifying glass icon, but I want my notes as they were...alphabetized. And God forbid me being a user who doesn't have the Premium version.....the developera could care less about responding to any email.
  7. Dunno if this question has been asked, and if ao, where I can find the answer...If I have a note in Evernote and want to cut and paste it into another note in Evernote, how do I do that? Thnx,Liz
  8. Thanks! I don't have a PC anymore and do everything on my phone. Luckily, I was able to make the change from the phone.
  9. I have the free version & noticed today that the email for my account is an old one I no longer use. It's not even a valid email anymore. How do I change that to my current and valid email?
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