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  1. Firstly, thank you for playing a role and participating in this conversation - I agree with everything you have said. However, having jumped into the conversation, you are our company representative, and whilst (as you have reminded us several times) you are a developer and not linked to the admin side of the business - we are relying on you to pass our feedback on to the right people in your business. Otherwise this conversation is repeated the next time you launch an "exciting update". I would definitely rather wait for a completed version, but I would also like to have some follow up communication when things slip. I think you can take the sentiment from everyone in this feed, that delays are fine (we all have them in our businesses), but don't treat us like idiots and tell us exciting news and then think that we won't realise when you don't follow through on commitments....keep us involved. It has now been 32 days since the last communication from Evernote...
  2. @dconnet the update is now 2 weeks late, with absolutely no update from Evernote. My business is pushing us all away from Evernote to OneNote, which we are resisting. It might be time to give up.
  3. Thanks for the link @gazumped - it reads like a description of both what is happening and what not to do. Thanks for the update @dconnet. As you no doubt know, you have a lot of passionate users, who might not post in these forums, but eagerly await these updates. Personally I think Touch does not have the functionality of a desktop version and am eager to get away from it. By way of feedback for the business - your communication was so confident, I think it needed to be followed up with an update on the day. Nobody minds if it is delayed, as long as we know - and don't have to waste time yesterday trying to find something that didn't exist.
  4. Here is the email: Evernote for Windows to replace Evernote Touch On August 2, 2016, Evernote Touch will be replaced with the full-featured Evernote for Windows desktop app in the Windows Store. If you’re currently using Evernote Touch, updating to Evernote for Windows will allow you to take advantage of all the best features of Evernote on your Windows 10 devices. If you have the Windows 10 Anniversary Update with automatic updates turned on in the Windows Store, you don’t need to take any action. Evernote Touch will automatically update to the latest version of Evernote for Windows. Your notes and notebooks will not be affected. You can continue to use Evernote Touch on older versions of Windows. However, it will no longer be available for download or update.
  5. Thanks Gustavgi, that would make sense, but the email from Evernote said that it would automatically replace itself if the user had the automatic updates turned on - I cannot find the update option.
  6. Hi All, I cannot seem to find out how to auto update my Evernote Touch to the replacement Desktop version, now that I have completed the Windows 10 anniversary update. Would someone please let me know where I find the update settings? Thank you in advance. Nathan
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