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  1. Thanks GrumpyMonkey, I moved my notes and re-invited and share the notebook and all is well ! Go figure ?
  2. Tried reboot and even re-install of EN. Still same problem. I attached another snapshot showing that I have 2 notebooks that show that I am sharing (bleu people icon) but I am still unable to manage any sharing properties and the person invited is unable to connect.
  3. I also noticed the stop sharing and sharing properties of the notebook are grey'd out.
  4. Hi all, I am using Evernote windows based client and have purchase the PREMIUM version. I am having a problem with sharing a notebook with another user. The user received the email and when he tries to connect or view the folder he receives this error message: " Shared notebook assigned to another account This shared notebook is assigned to another user. Contact the notebook owner to obtain an invitation." And when I try to unshare the notebook I do not see any option when I click the share note option: see attached photo. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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