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  1. Often when I 'clip' or 'share' an article from Chrome, the WSJ, or the NYTimes app, it fails without warning me that I will be disappointed later. It might do this a number of ways, all of which should be 'noisy' failures, i.e. they should notify me, the user, that the clipping was NOT successful. 1) I end up with a 'clipping' image as attached (WSJ app all the time) 2) I get a 'not signed in' webpage. Of course, I'd love it if these clipped correctly. That would be great! But at the least it should fail noisily.
  2. I second this. Note that this is not a "can it do it now", but rather a feature request/suggestion. The ability to collapse/expand both numbered lists and bullet lists is very powerful. Also, the ability to have columns/tag associated with them to enable task management, i.e. priority, status, effort/difficulty etc.
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