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  1. Dear Evernote Team, thank you very very much for bringing back the auto tile functionality! Evernote on Windows, Release 6 is awesome!
  2. I've been in touch with the support, and they told me that the functionality changed, though he couldn't pinpoint it in the change log. I have reverted on my installed Windows versions back to which still has the functionality exactly as desired (i.e. deleting the Title automatically changes it to the first line of text)
  3. You have the hack set, for me new notes start in the body. The auto-title behaviour you describe only applies if you create a new note and leave the title empty. If you edit the title even just once, auto-title functionality stops forever. There is no way to reapply the auto-title right now. I am specifically talking about the auto-title in Windows. The auto-title functionalities for Android/iOS are sort of the root cause for my annoyance with the lack of the auto-title functionality in Windows. I am proposing it as an option so that it may please both factions as explained above: Since
  4. Dear Devs, On Evernote for Windows 5.x, how about the following: 1. The auto-title functionality for note titles, should be available to be switched on and off in the options. Reason for this is to please both types of users: the ones who like to give titles manually, and the ones who don't. 2. If set to on, the note auto-title should always take effect whenever the title of a note is left blank (i.e. deleted). And by auto-title I mean that the first line (up to a certain amount of characters) from the note body is used as the note title. The use case would be: Whenever a user would li
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