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  1. Thanks GrumpyMonkey. Here's an example: I don't know if you're familiar with GTD, but I have a notebook called Actions that has notes tagged with a Time (eg, Now, Next) and a Place (eg, Home, Office, Anywhere). I would like a saved search that returns notes in Actions tagged with Now AND either Office OR Anywhere. Now I suppose I could put all the other Place tags to my Anywhere-tagged notes, but that's not ideal. I'm open to any suggestions -- including changing my process if it's simple enough. BTW, I do appreciate the offer to help, even if there's no good solution.
  2. Second request to Evernote: I know these people are "not affiliated with Evernote," but they seem to part of some Evangelist program that you either sponsor or at least tolerate. If they are serving in some official capacity, please monitor them more closely (or just kill the program). The comments I've seen so far are unhelpful and almost seem designed to elicit nothing but bad will.
  3. The notebook limitation just needs to go away, at least for premium users. EN just asked me to upgrade once again; I'm just here to tell them why I'm not upgrading (although the limited search functionality is also annoying and related now that I think about it -- if search were better, I could work around the notebook limitation, but alas...) Maybe I'm underestimating the resources needed to accomplish this change, but technology changes over time and I think the more people demand the change, the more EN (or someone else) will devote resources to it.
  4. The ability to create links simply by dragging a note into another note (that's been opening into a new window) is a nice feature. Thanks, I was not aware of that. However, I don't really see how what you described could be a workaround. If I'm working on note, eg, for Renovation A, I want to be able to type [[Lobby]] and instantly create a link to a note called "Lobby" -- whether such a note exists or not (you have to understand that, to me, this is absolutely friggin' brilliant). Now this is a little tricky in Evernote since it doesn't require unique titles. So if I click on the "Lobby" link, Evernote would have to check for any existing notes named Lobby and give me the option of picking from that list or creating a brand new note titled "Lobby." The fact this requires no forethought *is* the key (other than perhaps being more descriptive in naming notes). So I hope the team is looking into this because I really do like Evernote.
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