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  1. Hello, I've updated EN to the most recent version for Mac and have a question, possibly a suggestion. I am not one to SHARE my notes with anyone, so is there a way to get rid of the big green SHARE button at the top right of my notes? It seems like this might be better for some if it's a choice of something to display rather than have it front and right for everyone. Just a though. If there is a way to remove it and I missed it, please let me know. Thank you, Annette
  2. I've had this silly issue for a while, after an update, can't remember which one. It's not that big of deal but is a little annoying. When I'm typing something in the title of a note, if I hit the spacebar and then pause for just a second or two, the curser will jump left, so it's next to the last character again. If I type the whole title of my note, without pausing (but I can use the spacebar) it doesn't do it. So a note title might look like this: New NoteJanuary 2017 This is just an example but for instance, I did put a space in between the "e" in note and the "J" in January but if I pause at all while typing the note, the curser would move back, removing the space. It does seem to do it almost every time I type in the Title line, never in the body of a note. Again, not a huge deal, just annoying. I'm using a macbook pro, Plus Member, using version Version 6.10 (454269 App Store) Annette
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