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  1. I was discussing this with a colleague yesterday. As Evernote is file agnostic (excepting that they can be clever with certain known filetypes), surely it would be a relatively simple matter to bolt a GnuPG or similar encryption engine into each client? Yes you can do this manually, but it's so clunky as to be a right PITA. No TrueCrypt does not help - I am not worried about the security of my laptop, only my data in the cloud - see below. The web could be handled too via a Java applet. This would involve (as far as I can see) no server changes. Then the user has a choice. High end encryption (say 2048 bit key minimum) and no fancy document introspection or low security and convenience. In either case we still get the categorisation and multiple device access from cloud. You see - I can not ever use Evernote for going paperless until that happens, as my paperwork includes medical, financial and other sensitive stuff. It's very nice to see assurances that the servers are "in a locked cage with only 4 sysadmins holding cards", but: 1) That assumes I trust Evernote - I don't. Sure you are all nice folk, but I have no basis for trusting you. I will pay you for a service as long as I don't need to trust you. 2) I very very much do not trust your government. The Patriot Act renders the "4 cardholders" claim pretty worthless. 3) Hackers. They are everywhere. EN is a target for sure. One day, something's going to leak. So come on guys - address the problem and I would happily pay a couple of hundred dollars a year for say 10-30GB. I have looked at the competion - SpiderOak. Nice system, but none of the categorisation and metadata features of EN. There's a gaping hole in the market and one day, someone's going to fill it - so why not? Yes - please take this as a feature request! Best, Tim Watts England
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