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  1. Ive done this for years, do my shopping list on SN and rely on it transferring it to EVERNOTE auto, i put a new WINDOW 7 ULTRA instead PROFF. which i allways had but know it wont do what i want it to, It goes in all right but when it comes to "REQUEST ACTIVATION LINK" the HTTPS:// '>HTTPS:// just will not get the numbers it stays empty with HTTPS:// then win 7 closes it down ? Have you any close?
  2. OHHH thats what i wanted, i could always put it in something else first.
  3. IM not sure were the sort menu is could you tell me . I GOT A LIST and i want to sort it .
  4. Ive got outlook express and im trying to get evernote to remember my SENT NOTES from OE is there a way that will updated ever time i use OUTLOOK EXPRESS?
  5. but have i got 60mb across the three ,x20mb each or 60mb each?
  6. Im puzzled , if ive got tablet a phone and a pc does that mean i can only have 20mb per unit coz im upto 60mb now and can't use it for 25 days?
  7. --------------------------- Evernote Setup --------------------------- Evernote was already installed by another user. Only one per-user installation is supported. An administrator can install Evernote for everyone after the per-user installation is removed. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- what does this mean?? whats "PER-USER" when i try to update it?
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