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  1. I've also found Evernote to be generally unstable on Windows RT. However, since an update that was applied on 15th January 2014 (not sure how to work out the actual version number), things seem to have improved. In the last couple of weeks, I've had very few crashes and have actually (tentatively) started to use the app again, instead of One Note. Anyone else noticed changes?
  2. Evernote seems to be working again. The stability problem seems to be intermittent and I have a feeling it is related to syncing -- though the log doesn't tell me anything. Is it possible that the app is exposing a bug if it can't connect to the Evernote server, or if the connection is interrupted during sync operation?
  3. Ah, it would appear I spoke too soon. Have just had Evernote app crash on me three times in quick succession. Each time, the log reported that: "Session terminated normally, elapsed time: 1s" ---along with various other messages that I have saved and can P/M if they are useful.
  4. I agree. This beta test has so far been problem free for me. For the first time since moving to Surface RT, I am able to use Evernote as my main note taking tool.
  5. Checking the log suggested that it was an authentication problem: there was an error message about a missing password. I tried signing out from my account -- in Settings / Accounts -- and then logged back in. Having done this, sync functionality has been restored. Perhaps my saved credentials were invalidated when my app was upgraded, or perhaps they expired for some other reason. I'll post here if I deduce anything further, or see other sync-related problems.
  6. Probably not much help to you, but I found rebooting the Surface cleared the problem. It seems equally likely that my problem was related to a bug in the relatively new Windows RT as in the Evernote app.
  7. Hi Cauzion, I don't seem to be able to sync either way. If I create a note on Surface, it isn't visible on any other devices, and if I create a note in Web-browser it isn't visible on Surface. When I get chance, I'll copy out my notes that are only on Surface and then try to reinstall the app. George.
  8. Hi everyone, I've recently moved from an iPad to a Microsoft Surface running Windows RT. I've seen various discussions regarding sync problems on the RT version of Evernote. However, I wonder if anyone is seeing problems with the latest version -- Evernote for RT Version (from Windows Store)? I have Evernote installed on both my PC (Windows 7) and my Surface. While the Windows 7 installation seems to be syncing fine -- e.g. my notes are all viewable using either the web-based interface or the desktop application -- none of these notes are visible on Surface (using same account). Furthermore, notes I create on Surface are not visible in web-based interface nor on Windows 7 PC. I've tried manually syncing at both ends as well as leaving the machine for a 30 minutes or so to see if it can automatically sync. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, George B.
  9. Hi everyone, I've recently moved from an iPad to a Microsoft Surface device running Windows RT. I guess it's early days for Evernote on RT. However, I am seeing some challenging problems with the latest version -- Evernote Version (from Windows Store). My biggest problem is that I can't seem to use the Windows clipboard. Copy and paste doesn't work either within Evernote or between Evernote and other apps. I can highlight text and select Copy. However, when I paste (into Evernote or otherwise) nothing happens. I've tried using both the touch-screen approach and the traditional keyboard approach. Anyone seen this issue or have any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any advice, George B.
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