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  1. Thanks for your reply bro! My point is a question based on logical analysis. For example, assume tag"A" as "Real estate investment", then possible sub-categories might be "Real estate data", "Real estate theories", etc. The point is, we cannot remember how many sub-categories. I want to know how many topics under "real estate investment", and it's better if we could display the different logical priority among these tags. Something like the folder under PC, while replacing folders with tags.
  2. I am a big fan of Evernote since the first time I met this app and now I have hundreds of notes. Nowdays I find it's trickier to figure out the notes previously from such a big data tank. I suggest to use another management of tags and notes, just like libraries or folder management under windows. For instance, I have tag "A" for a bunch of notes, but actually I have some sub-categories like "A1" "A2" "A3", etc. However, only tag "A" could be reached. Maybe some guys would say you could just search "A1" for these notes. While for one thing it's a bit tricky to remember all categories under "A", for another what happens if there are two orders or even more sub-categories? If the tags are like the libraries or folder under pc, they could be much more efficient and better managed.
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