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  1. I wrote a simple text note on my desktop tonight and synced it with the Evernote servers alright. Then I go to my mobile and try to sync it but it's always stuck on "Downloading Headers". It's unable to get a simple 1 page note that I wrote on my desktop that's text only. In the 5 years I've used Evernote, I've never seen anything like this. What gives?
  2. I keep 2 Evernote accounts, one personal, one business. Some reasons/tactics: - I don't want my personal documents to show up whenever I'm showing a coworker something and do an Evernote search. - I only have my personal account active on my smartphone. - I share 1 folder between my personal and work accounts.. this is helpful if I take a picture with my smartphone and need to send it to my work account. - If I leave my job in the future, I'll surrender my work Evernote account to my employer as to not keep confidential information.. it's a bit harder if I have personal and work accounts mixed.
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