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  1. Thank you! I did not think we were imagining it but could not re-create it. I do miss manuals and help files in an app as well
  2. Thanks for all your help. We will play with it and see if we can re-create the view of the Tabs so that we can send it along with the Bug report. I appreciate your efforts, this was a major topic of conversation with my IOS app developer brother over Christmas. He couldn't find any screen shots representing what we were seeing either and it made for some interesting conversation about the differences in mobile device apps vs desktop versions! I will definately submit a report. Thanks again.
  3. I looked at the link you had sent and where the screenshot has a tab for Notebooks I had a tab named Trash. I went in to the Trash Tab and opened it (which I had not done in all of my other searching). On clicking the label on the trash tab, it changed to a label of Notebooks and the problem was solved. I wonder if the notebooks were always in the trash and I just couldn't see them? I am so glad my son saw it happen or I would think I imagined it! This problem has been bugging my son and I for days, we had closed and restarted the App, Re-synched, did a complete restart of the iPad and had no luck. Any idea of where the trash tab would have come from, it is gone now. thanks for your response, Although we had been to that link in our trying to figure out the problem, going back caused so much frustration that we just started opening all the tabs up! Any way I can take a screenshot if it happens again?
  4. I am having difficulty with the install of evernote on my ipad. I cannot figure out how to work with notebooks. When I look at the tabs I see options for "all notes, trash, tags, places, premium". I do not have a notebook tab. When I log on to the PC version I clearly see the notebooks and can work with them. I have spent hours trying to find out why I cannot work with the noteboos on the web and while I see many references to changes on the ipad version, I just do not see what the forums refer to or what the screen shots indicate when I view my install. I checked with the App store and it lists my apps as up to date.
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