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  1. Thank you so much for the reply. I checked out the Meshin site and the iTunes app page, and it seems intriguing. Unfortunately, that is not what I am looking for. The closest I found on the EV Trunk is Wonderful Days. Looks good. No other online accounts required. The downside is no desktop app. A desktop version is essential for me. So, my desire is to have a good journaling view / interface (or even external app) with calendar navigation, not a calendaring app. (I realize I was not precise when I mentioned the calendar.) That is why I am hoping it is not too much of a development stretch for the EV team.
  2. Hello. Request a journal view/template that can also utilize a calendar for selecting dates. (Or maybe even a separate app that utilizes the Evernote database back end.) What I specifically have in mind is an option (per notebook) to interact with Evernote in the same way as the DayOne journaling app. It seems to me that the Evernote database back end should be able to support a journaling front end. This request is related to a more general observation that I have about Evernote. It is very functional. However, for me, the look and feel is busy, rigid, and restrictive. In other words, the interface is not elegant and inviting. (Again, for me.) I just don't enjoy using it. I really, really want to enjoy the product because I think it has great potential to keep me organized and remember everything - including a daily journal. I have also been looking for an all-in-one app where I can both journal and keep notes. I have found that my stress level actually goes up a bit when I open Evernote, and I end up defaulting back to keeping notes other ways. Thank you so much for your consideration and support.
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