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  1. I'm on the same release ( Just done a bit more experimenting and it seems to only kill Evernote when Skitch is already open. 1) Open Evernote (I killed the Evernote.exe process after crashing to make sure it was closed) 2) Select "New Skitch Note" and select an area of the screen. 3) Leaving Skitch open, I then select "New Skitch Note" but hit escape instead of selecting a screen area. Also doesn't seem to happen if Skitch has already been opened directly (not through Evernote).
  2. If I choose "New Skitch Note" from within Evernote and then hit the escape key (instead of selecting an area of the screen to capture) then Evernote disappears and I have to re-launch it.
  3. When using the pen tool, it is hard to draw new lines that start near an existing item because the existing item tends to get selected rather than creating a new one. This then triggers a move of the existing item. The problem is made worse by zooming in.
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