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  1. Thanks, jefito. Looks like it was not clear from my post. The ticket submission system doesn't work - not allow to submit the ticket but switch to the base line view, you can try, https://support.ever...sp?folderID=224 you will get there, http://evernote.com/contact/support/
  2. Thanks, jefito for replying. I wonder if you're have deeper knowledge in the product? From my understanding - any product I'm using I expect to have it just works, right?! Looking for the clues in Activity log...mmm... that might be also a good idea probably to look at the code itself, why not? So, the next step is apply for help to support. Unfortunately, that option doesn't work today...al least for non-premium users. Here is the link and you can try by yourself, https://support.evernote.com/ics/support/TSEscalate.asp?folderID=224 Anyway, thanks again for taking care of that
  3. This RC keeps closing.... Install on clean machine (No Evernote) Wait for download db was using the filter to find my old notes go over the notes... ... suddenly unrelieved the message that Evernote needs to be closed ...no I'm writing this message to you. Please keep fixinig your RC version before rolling it out BR, -Andrey
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