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  1. Would also be helpful to filtering tags with no notes to the bottom of the list
  2. Would be great to list "no tag" as a category in the tag-view. This would allow us to identify notes with no tag
  3. Photo does not just briefly appear and save, but rather creates a note with embedded photo, which I can title and add text to: So not replicating above comment. However, the text recognition identified only one word in my initial test: i wrote "eat more sugar" and can search on "eat" but not "eat more" or "more" etc. http://d.pr/i/4Ljz
  4. Shift tab should take the user up to the title of the note (just as tab takes them down to the body)
  5. +1 I know why I want this, so for the Evernote perspective, they should do this because 1. It fits with the limits of their editor 2. Expands their audience by including people who want a plain text pathway 3. Prevents them being taken over by a copycat who adds markdown and gets the geek-cred and all the Verge/Ars/Boing publicity which goes with that and drives google search links :-)
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