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  1. Very cool stuff. I love Stephen's approach. I keep meaning to dive more deeply into his process and the one Itmar O mentions in the comments.
  2. Oh okay. Wow, thanks for that explanation! I've only just started learning about stuff like this. Seems like there are so many possibilities. Really appreciate your help.
  3. Awesome, thanks so much Jeff! createNote /s "C:\New note.txt" /n "Test Notebook" /i "This a Test" /t "test"The syntax above (added after the filepath to ENScript.exe) creates a new note with the plain text of the .txt file in the notebook "Test Notebook", title "This is a Test" and tagged "test". Very cool to know how to do this! I'm not sure what is meant by "text content is read from standard input". What is "standard input"?
  4. Thanks for posting this! This is exactly something I've been looking for. I was just about to try to figure out how to do the VBA code on this and here it is already! Awesome! I am looking forward to implementing this.
  5. Thanks Jeff. Right, my question is about how to get these parameters to work in a desktop shortcut. I can't seem to figure out how to do this. I can get the showNotes parameters to work (e.g. for the tag "Wiki"): showNotes /q "tag:""Wiki""But if I try something similar with the createNote command, it doesn't work for me (e.g. creating a new note in the "Reference" notebook): createNote /n "Reference"I'm obviously doing something wrong, but not sure what.
  6. I just recently wrote this article on Lifehacker on how to Create Desktop Shortcuts to Your Favorite Evernote Notes and Tags. I know you can use command line to do even more than just saved searches -- e.g. creating new notes with certain tags, etc. But I'm not sure what that looks like. In the example pictured above, I add the following code to the end of the "Target" field in the desktop shortcut: showNotes /q "notebook:Lists"If I was to create a desktop shortcut to create a new note with a given tag, what would that syntax look like? where would I put it? Thanks in advance.
  7. Right. Just wondering if there was a way to export or convert word Documents into enex. Copy and paste from one to the other isn't always very clean.
  8. I'd love to learn more about this. How do you export to .enex? Is that something I could do from Word?
  9. I can't seem to find anything in the articles Using Evernote's advanced search syntax or Search Grammar regarding search syntax for searching only business notes, or only notes within a certain stack. Is this possible? I'm mainly looking to use this syntax with EnScript command line parameters (to make desktop shortcuts, etc.). Example - ENScript command line for searching for notes within the "Work Instructions" notebook: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote\ENScript.exe" showNotes /q "notebook:""Work Instructions""Is there a similar syntax to follow for searching only Business notes? or only notes within a certain stack? Thanks.
  10. What would be the command line parameter/search syntax for searching notes within a certain stack? or searching Business notes (or Personal notes) only? Thanks!
  11. (I'm in PC version Ctrl+Shift+B is supposed to be the shortcut for toggling bullet lists, but it isn't working for me anymore. Instead it activates Skitch. Apparently because Skitch has the same shortcut as a global hotkey to bring up a blank canvas: Neither of these shortcuts are customizable, as far as I know. Anyone know of a fix for this?
  12. Here's a link to a more complete Step-by-Step walkthrough on how to disable Search As You Type in Windows 7. Hope this helps!
  13. Here's a link to a more complete Step-by-Step walkthrough on how to do this. https://capeably.wordpress.com/2014/08/13/how-to-disable-search-as-you-type-feature-in-evernote-v5-windows-7/ Hope this helps!
  14. I am really new to autohotkey, but I can already see a multitude of ways it could be used to make Evernote easier and more powerful to use. For instance, I could see it being used to create a GUI for advanced searches, or a GUI form-like box to add notes according to certain parameters or templates. Or hot keys for font headings/styles, etc. If you have an AHK script you have found particularly useful, please share the script here and describe what it does. I would love for this thread to be a collection of the best autohotkey scripts for Evernote out there. Then maybe we can vote on which ones are the best. Do we have any contenders out there?
  15. Here here! I very much want ONLY the Evernote:/// link. I haven't run into a single instance in 6 years and 4000+ notes that an http link is more useful. That would make integration between other apps (like Asana) so Much easier. It would also be ideal if only the note that is linked to would open in its own window. Yes, there is the option for it to open in its own window, but even when you have that selected, when you click on a note link it opens not only that note, but the Evernote app itself. Just a minor annoyance, but there you go.
  16. Thanks! I actually ended up coming up with a slightly more simple solution, and I blogged it here: Automate Full Text of Pocket Backup to Evernote with IFTTT and FiveFilters
  17. IFTTT: Article Saved to Pocket > Send me email with “2Evernote” appended to subject line Microsoft Outlook Rule: Forward all emails with subject “2Evernote” to drops@ukeeper.com Have ukeeper forward emails to your Evernote email address. Requires: IFTTTMicrosoft Outlookukeeper It's not elegant, but it will do for now :-/ There is also the solution this guy posted, better for people who don't have Outlook. https://medium.com/@alesh/how-to-archive-everything-you-read-online-d20cda688804 But it appears the site http://fulltextrssfeed.com/ is not dependable. I couldn't even setup the IFTTT recipe because their servers were jammed I guess.
  18. I have posted a tutorial for Saving Emails as .msg file in Evernote.
  19. Thanks very much for the response, and for the link to the other discussion. I was wondering if you could use a VBA Macro to do that. Awesome find!
  20. Does anyone know of an easy way to get emails from your email Inbox into Evernote as a .msg attachment (i.e. instead of as a note, or as both a note and an attachment)? The reason I ask is: 1) It would be nice to just click and open the .msg to reply instead of having to go back to your inbox and searching for the message 2) Often formatting gets messed up when an email is forwarded/imported into Evernote as a note. I'm using a PC and Outlook. Thanks.
  21. It's sad that I've only learn this today, but I'm excited to find that you can import RTF files with drag and drop, and it saves in EN as an actual note (instead of an attachment).
  22. Thanks for sharing. I'm actually using Evernote in part as a database of tutorials and work instructions that I share with other non-Evernote (and often non-tech-savvy) users, so making the content easily visually digestible is pretty important.
  23. An update to editor software would be great! What app do you find works best for you to paste into Evernote from?
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