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  1. @jefito - Ok given you're most recent post I would classify it as similar to my section on Hierarchical Tagging except much more loose. Loose Hierarchical Tagging - jefito Tag Structured into loose hierarchy Tags can be overloaded with different meanings Eg. graphics can be referencing graphical images or graphical programming. Multiple tags must be used to further reduce the graphics tag to better context. [*]Lookups are performed with multiple tag and text search criteria I'm leaving out notebooks/stacks because aren't the primary organizational feature. I'm sure many of the other architectures I listed also make use of separate notebooks to define localization. How is that?
  2. Sorry for missing you jefito Do you have a reference/example? Also the specific qualities which I am trying to document are what features of Evernote (stack, notebook, note title, tag, etc.) are being used for organization. If I am interpreting correctly, your strategy involves little to no use of stack/notebook organization. It is closer to hierarchical tagging, however it does not enforce strict tagging naming convention such as jbenson2. I find the "adjective tags" are a distinct quality. I make use of 'funny' and 'educational' as adjective tags. Are the majority of your tags adjectives as compared to nouns? If not then what is the distinction between your method and the 'hierarchical tagging' i've defined above?
  3. While trying to arrange all of the thoughts and references regarding this subject I made a rough summary of a few of your organizational structures. This is might be wrong so feel free to correct me. Minimalism - GrumpMonkey Title Structure note title as: YYMMDD keyword keyword keyword Reference Hierarchical Tagging - jbenson2 Parent Tag Full word defining concept/category Child Tag Nested under parent tag. Name is prefix of parent tag Eg. Science Sci - Physics Sci - Chemistry Sci - Biology Reference Flat Tagging - May Tag No hierarchy (external to Evernote if any) Many tags per note Reference (from this page) My conclusion has been to try experimenting with a combination of minimalism and flat tagging. Thanks again for all of your input
  4. After doing some more research I found out about tag grouping. This seems to be a good solution for my organization habits. Notebooks/Stacks don't offer many advantages over tagging for free users. I'm referencing the "make available offline" and "share" notebook-level settings mentioned here. As I mentioned before, I am more accustomed to the GMail labelling process. The tagging philosophy falls closer to this system. It seems this is a common trend. References: Evernote Discussion - Why should I use multiple notebooks? Evernote Discussion - Notebooks vs Tags Extra kudos to the following contributors for answering almost every related question I found useful. Thank you very much jbenson2 jefito GrumpyMonkey Interesting how many people are making little use of stacks/notebooks in favour of labels/label grouping. Probably yet another case of "The Organism Will Do Whatever It Damn Well Pleases"
  5. I recently took a fresh look at how to organize my Evernote into Stack/Notebook/Tag. I couldn't find a good solution to fit my organizational needs. Use Case: Food stack containing Recipe and Restaurant notebooks. Food Recipe Restaurant Q: Where do I put a note titled "Food to Eat Before I Die"? Possible Solutions: Make "Food" a notebook and organize everything in a flat structure with tags New notebook under "Food" Make "Food" a tag and create new stack/notebook structure NEW FEATURE: Allow Note Stacks to contain notes. Open to suggestions ATM I am using a notebook called Food which is part of the Food stack. This is how I am storing notes as part of a stack while not necessarily tied to a uniquely named notebook. Food Food Recipe Restaurant I think that this solution leaves a lot to be desired since almost all of my stacks are going to require a generic 'self-titled' notebook inside of them. I'm accustomed to the GMail way of organization (labels). Do any experienced Evernoter's have advice on how to organize a note specific to a stack rather than a notebook? Research Links: Michael Hyatt Blog Evernote Discussion - Organize Notes in Folders
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