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  1. As a new Evernote user I have been debating link vs. attach, and the history of this issue has certainly made up my mind. At least locally I have all documents synced between two machines and each machine backed up to a hard drive as well as two different online storage services. Overkill? I don't think so. My solution would be expensive if I were a commercial or institutional user but for me the investment in a couple of external terabyte hard drives and online storage plans is well worth the peace of mind. I thank everyone for the generosity with your time and experience not only in this thread but throughout the forum - seems like a handful of people do most of the info sharing but you have made entry into Evernote a lot easier for me and no doubt for a lot of other people too.
  2. You guys have solved a big mystery for me. Thanks. I have EN on my Windows machine now and intend to install it on my Mac as well. I expect to have some confusion about which machine the link is for and I'm thinking that those of us using both systems need to remember to label those links "Windows" or "Mac" before or after the link in the note. Then I imagine getting into the issue of whether to copy and paste what I need access to on both machines, and how to make sure I get changes to origina files when I change in EN, and...and...and... What we really need is a single platform, guys. Do you think that will happen in our lifetimes?
  3. Perfect solution but I don't get how to do this. I type file:/// and then the entire address of the file beginning with C: and so on? I tried that and it didn't work. An example would help. As usual (so far), the Knowledgebase is useless.
  4. Has anyone successfully imported MyInfo files into Evernote? Evernote forum search insists on separating MyInfo into 'my info' thus resulting in zillions of irrelevant returns. I saw info on Evernote site that I understood to mean I need a premium account to import anything but PDF and pix into free version. Is that correct? Here's the rub: I don't want to pay for premium if I can't import MyInfo files, so I need to know that others have done so successfully. I am also wondering about exporting MyInfo db's in one of several formats they support and then importing into Evernote. Can Evernote import formats such as comma delimited successfully? Evernote Help info on such topics seems limited - unless I haven't done searches correctly. MyInfo is perfect for my needs, by the way, but isn't cross-platform and doesn't promise to be anytime soon.
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