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  1. I just found a place on Firefox where you can download prior versions of the Evernote Web Clipper. I reinstalled version 5.9 and the icon and clipping came back. This is clearly a problem of the update to the Evernote clipper. I also had rechecked the history tab to be sure it did not have the not remember check on Firefox. I am using Firefox 37.1 and the destop version of Evernote is 5.8.5. Also, I am a premium Evernote member and use it all the time. It is by far the best app I have ever used with the Tab Group Manager app for managing tabs on Firefox a close second. Note, Tab Groups Manager has a development group on Google that has versions that will work with Firefox later than version 19. Evernote, please remove the update to 6.0.15 until this bug is fixed! You are creating a lot of bad vibes in your loyal users. The clip feature is a huge help to anyone doing research.
  2. Same problem as above. The update to Firefox 36 made the Evernote Clipper icon vanish. After repeatedly trying to remove and install various versions of Firefox, it occurred to me that it must be the new version of the web clipper. They should actually test these things out like a real user before releasing them. It is not enough to have the developer add a bell or whistle that he or she likes and then destroy what was good. Microsoft had a corner on that market, but now it seems like all the web develpers are jumping on the bandwagon. Sometimes, a hammer is just a hammer, and needs to be a hammer and work like a hammer if you want to pound nails. I really does not need to be a Swiss Army knife! Developers should make sure that all so called upgrades give the user the choice to simply use the app as they were using it. Many of us are happy when things work. Most are not when they don't! Evernote, are you listening???? I have been a premium member for years, but this is very discouraging.
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