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  1. Hi everyone, I recently update my samsung slate 7 to win 8 I observed that my pen writing gets bigger, kindof "messy" even when the brush is the smallest one, one the same one, about two or three times its previous size Is there a way to get my "smaller brush" again ? + Got a suggestion to get more brush options & background customization, will this be implemented in further versions ? Thanks for your remarquable program ! Regards, Merry christmas
  2. Hi everyone, I'd like so much for Evernote on Galaxy Note : 1) Get smaller writing, or a setting to change its size, it's to big for me by default 2) Could we one day, will we be able to take manuscript / pen notes like in computer version 3) Could we please customize / change background color ? ( I enjoy lecture notes a lot because I can set a black background with soft & small grey cube-lines background - for spatial recognition ) Regards, merry christmas
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