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  1. +1 I have the same problem. I have an android phone (Samsung Galaxy S1) and an iPod Touch 4g. I usually use my iPod because I like the interface better. I almost always choose to record in my iPod instead of my android phone because then it'll play on either device. But if I record on my Android phone then it'll only play on my android phone. And even then it's buggy since it uses an external media player. I would like it very much if the android version could adopt the .wav codec like the iOS version instead of the really obscure .amr format. Plus I would also like it if the Android version had an internal player so that we don't have to download a sketchy player from the Google Play store. (plus it's really really hard to find any players that play the .amr format). my android version of evernote is on 4.3.1.
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