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  1. meanwhile, back onto the subject of nested notebooks ... I am more of a visual thinker and visual organization works best for me. That is why nested notebooks would appeal to me. I want to be able to organize my material without using dozens of Notebooks. Tags would be the logical solution, but tags seem abstract to me. Maybe I just don't get tags, yet. I really love the updates to Evernote: the clean UI, shortcuts, and the navigation buttons. That said: I'd be interested in any ideas on how to make Evernote more "visual" - whether with a tags-based workflow, or using stacks, or (dreaming maybe) via an API to another app that looks and works more visually (such as all those tabs in OneNote, or the cork board in Scrivener). Thanks in advance for any suggestions from experienced Evernote users. - Eric
  2. Just did the update and I have the navigation buttons now. Yay! Thank you, Evernote - you were one step ahead of me on this.
  3. I like the clean new UI of Evernote 5, and I find myself more than ever moving around between different notes, notebooks, searches etc. I wish we had simple navigation arrows so that we could move back and forth between views - like on a web browser, or the iTunes store etc. Would be really handy! Eric
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